Who are we?

Mona Birnbaum
Founded Practical Project Approach Ltd in 2014.
20 years Project Management – from managing events to  software implementation projects on both, supplier and customer side.
Project recovery and coaching experience.

Passionate about managing successful projects and the people involved.

John Wenger
Founded Quantum Shift Global Ltd. in 2004, www.q-shift.com
25+ years of experience and knowledge from the fields of education, counselling and consultancy.
Developing leaders, teams & communication skills.
Passionate about people and learning.

Together we are a fusion of  project management & people dynamics expertise.              

The Projects

Project Allies – our Differentiators

We are allies, not auditors.

We provide a “Project Refocus”, not an audit.

Combined 45+ years Project Management and People Dynamics experience.

We work specifically to the needs of our clients, no “tick-box” or off-the-shelf approach.

We provide competitive fees; tailored to each project.

Project Allies – our Mission statement

We are not coming in to your organisation to take over and tell you what you are doing wrong; we are not coming in to destroy what you have already achieved; we are not coming in to fix something that is broken, because it’s not.

We are coming in to be of assistance and shine a light on things you may not have seen yet. We are here to be “outside eyes” that see things you might not, because you are in it.

We are coming in to ask the kind of incisive questions that will help you to (re-)focus your efforts on what you are trying to achieve.