Project Management

Practical Project Approach services could be provided for parts or the entire life cycle of your project (Start-up, Directing, Initiating, Controlling, Managing, Closing). Services could also be tailored to cover certain aspects of a project, for example Business case, Project Plan & Resource schedule, Risk, Document and Issue management, Communications and Change management, Benefits Realisation, Project Closure and Lessons learned sessions.

Project Coaching

Practical Project Approach will work closely with your Project Managers to build project management competency and to support the successful execution of your projects. Having established trust first we review approach, methodology and the implementation of communication strategies in an honest, transparent and two-way process.
It means coaching your project managers to being able to build their confidence and skills so that your company will benefit from it in the long run.

Training Management

Training is an essential part of change management and skill transfer. Planning training early and preparing staff on what is coming and how it will impact them is vital for the success of a project. Practical Project Approach analyses training needs, provides detailed training and roll-out plans and manages closely the entire training delivery until and after go live.

Data Migration Management

The effort required for managing data migration projects is often underestimated and planning often starts far too late into the project. Practical Project Approach services start with the understanding of all data migration requirements and result in the delivery of a comprehensive migration strategy and a detailed data migration plan. The plan includes all activities across key areas like: identification of data sources, data extraction, data cleanse, data migration and cutover and data validation. Data migration will be closely managed and executed in conjunction with all work streams. Risk and issues management are essential part of managing the migration.

Test Management

How often are projects delayed because the effort and time for testing was underestimated? The aim of testing is to deliver a high-quality product that fits the customer’s business requirements. Practical Project Approach engages early, in the design phase, to develop test plans and procedures for the entire test process (e.g. defining test scripts, test teams, documentation and tracking). Test teams will be established and the execution of testing monitored and reported on. Test managers also work closely with the Programme/Project Manager to deliver successful projects.


Practical Project Approach offers to run specific Project Workshops to facilitate achieving the optimum outcome for:

  • Project Objectives and Benefits
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Risks and Issues
  • Project Close and Lessons Learned