Project Refocus – the Story

Projects can get into choppy waters, everyone has experienced that. But how are they brought back on track? By throwing resources & money at them, by putting pressure on teams or by performing external audits?

The best solutions often remain hidden because symptoms are looked at and treated with generic, fast performing drugs. But is this sustainable and does it really get you back on track?

Conventional audits look at the “what” and mostly leave out the “how” of projects. The human element often gets missed out, e.g. trust and communication issues between stakeholders. If we look at projects as a “whole”, we will see that successful projects come about because there is a blend of good project methodology, sound leadership and robust communication between all stakeholders.

To recover your project, we offer you our Project Refocus and work alongside you as your Project Allies to ensure all three of the essential components are aligned for the future success of your project.

We discuss and tailor Project Refocus to your specific requirements but please read how it is done.

Project Refocus – Our “what”

Project Refocus helps you to uncover blind spots by examining the three vital components
project methodology – leadership – communication in specific areas, e.g.

  • Original Business Case and Project objectives
  • Project set up
  • Timelines and deliverables
  • Leadership and governance
  • Understanding of the wider system and all stakeholders involved
  • Role clarity & Responsibilities
  • Communication between all relevant stakeholders
  • Project methodology and documentation

Project Refocus – our “how”

Phase One: Taking Stock
The purpose of this phase is to take stock and make recommendations of how to proceed so that your project gets back on track. We examine the state of your project and uncover blind spots.

How: Review of project documentation and set-up, Attendance at steering group and project team meetings, One-to-One conversations, Relationship mapping

Deliverables: Upon completion of this phase, you receive a comprehensive summary report which sets out observations and recommendations for Phase Two.

Phase Two: Taking Actions
In this phase, we support you to make changes and are actively involved right through the process; if required until project completion. We stay responsive to the needs of the project as it unfolds and continue to ask questions and take stock of progress.

How: Facilitate conversations, meetings, workshops and one-to-one coaching as necessary to support Phase One recommendations. Assist relevant personnel in preparation and execution of specific tasks as necessary, e.g. testing strategy, training and transition plan.

Deliverables: Monthly checkpoints are carried out with you to establish progress and agree upon corrective actions as necessary.

Phase Three: Taking a Look Back
In this final phase, we assist you to reflect on the project, assess what worked well and determine what, if anything has been or should be replicated across other areas of the business.

How: Facilitate workshops with major stakeholders.

Deliverables: Upon completion of this phase, you receive a summary report with recommendations for changes which positively impacted the project and could be considered for your wider organisation.